Animal Rescue Connection

Mission Statement

Since 2001, our mission has been to promote adoption of homeless dogs and cats, and to reduce overpopulation and euthansia of companion animals through spaying and neutering. In the last twenty years, we have found loving homes for over 400 dogs and cats, all of whom were fixed, vaccinated and had additional vet work to ensure that they were healthy when adopted. Also, we have an ongoing trap-neuter-release (TNR) program for feral and community cats.

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Help the people and animals in Ukraine

Support the people and animals of Ukraine. Click here for ways to help the people of Ukraine. Link to Animal Victory to support the animals of Ukraine.

Urgent! Save the Wolfdogs at Howling Timbers

[Statement from Howling Timbers Animal Sanctuary] Urgent: The wolf dogs are running out of time!

We really need your help in fighting for the lives of these wolf dogs. If we don't win this case, and they order them removed, with no place for them to go, there is only one option. It breaks our hearts to even think about that, but it will be out of our hands. Other sanctuaries have offered to take some of the wolf dogs but most want high content socialized animals and most of ours do not fit that category. Our animals are true rescues of all different wolf content and many with no desire to interact with people. We allow them that option. We took in every animal we could without any stipulations including 40 from MDARD seizures. The same organization that won't even license us now due to staff shortages. We didn't care what wolf content they were, what color or what temperament. They all deserved to be rescued. We need to keep them where they feel safe and comfortable. We need to keep them in their home. We have the best animal attorney. We desperately need funds for her to save the wolf dogs. Please help!

Stop the Horse Slaughter

Every year that passes without a ban on horse slaughter dooms tens of thousands of beloved equine companions and champions to unnecessary and inhumane deaths. This must stop. The SAFE Act, a federal bill to permanently ban horse slaughter, has a short window of time to pass. We need YOU to help get it across the finish line. Take action today: -ASPCA

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